A trip to Aswan is not complete without a visit to the bazaar or old souk of the city, located on a street parallel to the southern part of the corniche. It is a lively market full of colourful merchandise and the scent of exotic spices. You want to bring home some “karkede” tea, made from hibiscus flowers? Buy it here. You like cooking? You will find all the ingredients for an exotic meal.

The bazaar is also a good place to stock up on souvenirs from Egypt and local handicraft. Pottery, leather and brass products are abundant. The hand-blown glass perfume bottles are beautiful and in the right season you might also find hand-blown glass ornaments for your Christmas tree. Should your heart be set on gold or a carpet, you will also find it here.

The souk serves everybody in the city, not only the tourists. It is where the inhabitants of Aswan get their daily needs satisfied.

The merchants are very friendly and helpful. Some of them can be a little persuasive but don’t lose your calm and good temper. A smile, a joke and a few kind words will make you a success in the souk. There are no set prices so a little bargaining is part of the process. Remember that the right price of a product is exactly what you are willing to pay for it.

On foot from any hotel or cruise ship downtown.
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