Aswan offers an abundance of hotels ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Most hotels are located downtown and others on islands in the archipelago opposite the corniche. There are also many Nubian and cultural houses located in various Nubian villages where tourists can spend the night. The following is a list of hotels and houses that we recommend.

Old Cataract hotel

5-star de luxe

One the finest and most prestigious hotels in Upper Egypt. It’s a living history and a landmark in the modern history of Egypt.

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Mövenpick hotel


Another luxurious hotel in Aswan for those seeking good service, good food and a pleasant stay. The hotel is located on the northern part of Elephantine Island. Rooms have beautiful views of the city of Aswan, the Nile and the archipelago, especially the Botanical Garden and the Tombs of the Nobles. An afternoon tea at the Panorama Bar is a must-do. A free ferry runs every half an hour between the hotel and the corniche. A trip takes five minutes.

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Pyramisa Isis Island hotel


Located on an island of its own south of the archipelago. Free ferries run every half an hour between the hotel and the corniche. A trip takes ten minutes.

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Basma hotel


Located on a hill overlooking the archipelago of Aswan. Basma hotel has always good reviews about its service and staff. The hotel has also a magnificent view of the Nile. Drinking a tea on the hotel terrace at sunset is a Must.

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Citymax hotel


Located on the corniche of Aswan, opposite the Tombs of the Nobels, with a breathtaking view of the Nile.

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Obelisk (Isis Corniche hotel)

It consists of bungalows and gardens. The best rooms are those facing the Nile. The hotel has a good restaurant/pub with a view of the Tombs of the Nobles.

Memnon hotel


Located on the corniche, just behind the Old Bazaar. It is highly recommended for tight budget visitors. The hotel has a friendly atmosphere, good service, and a beautiful view of the cruise ships and the corniche. No elevator is available and the entrance is from the back side of the building.

AnaKato and Kasr El-Nouba

Cultural Nubian House

This Nubian cultural centre is willing to share the secrets of its ancient land and people, not in the information you may read but through experiencing the ambiance. It’s located in Gharb Sehel, a Nubian Village south of the archipelago close to the old dam.

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Bet el Kerem

Nubian Guesthouse

Great accommodation, tasty and healthy meals, and Exclusive customized tourist activities.

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Glory of Nubia Island

Camping (closed)

The Glory of Nubia camping island is an exotic escapade for those seeking ultimate Nile adventures in Aswan, and an authentic living in a tropical-like surrounding.

The island lies in the heart of Aswan’s archipelago and is surrounded by natural setting and a panoramic view of the Nile and the golden sandy hills of Aswan. The island is located ten minutes by motorboat from the main land and is close to the Mausoleum of Agha Khan and the historic Monastery of St. Simeon.

an exotic adventure